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In the 2011 Census, the Pakistani community at 24,869 was the largest ethnic minority group in Slough representing 17.74% of the population. A community that has faced many hardships across almost five generations in Slough.It is well documented that a community’s identity is multifaceted. The Pakistani community that has made Slough its home has played an important role in the social, economic, environmental and political life of Slough’s rich fabric. As an organisation, PWA has endured, developed and grown despite reduced funding opportunities and the impact of austerity on both it’s community and as an organisation. The long term objectives of PWA are to:


-PWA Slough-

Going Above And Beyond For The Community

The Pakistan Welfare Association (PWA) is one of Slough’s longest established community organisations. It was first associated with and supported by Slough Borough Council as long ago as 1962. PWA has survived as an organisation for over 57 years, despite the many challenges it has faced, this bears testimony to its resilience and durability, more importantly, it reflects the value it has provided at various times for the Pakistani community.



To develop a vibrant, happy community filled with respect, compassion and confidence, where aspirations are realised and friendships thrive. We aim to enable a range of social, welfare, educational, training, development and health activities to take place at the Centre which responds to the needs of local people.


We aim to promote community togetherness and personal fulfilment by providing a safe and welcoming environment where people can meet and participate in social and physical activities; support groups; volunteering and learning, with the aim of enhancing overall community spirit.

PWA Slough Constitution

1-Adoption of the constitution
The association and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in Parts 1
and 2 of this constitution and Schedule 1 – Members rules

2- Name
The association’s name is
Pakistan Welfare Association Slough
(and in this document, it is called the charity).

Our Board

Abdul Sattar


Mohammed Khurshid

General Secretary

Zafar Ullah Khan Satti


Shaida Akbar

Information Secretary

Contact : 07861261768

Margaret Chirekeni

Senior Volunteer

Muhammed Shabbir

Services we offer to our Community

President's Message

I am very pleased to inform you all that the PWA has managed to raise enough funds to complete the purchase of our community centre at 50 Darvills Lane, Chalvey, Slough, for £622,700 on 10th May 2019.This was a very long process, as when we took over we were told that the asking price was £330,000 for a 99 year leasehold, but the Cabinet disagreed due to a lack of proof of funding, and so the asking price increased to over £800,000 for a freehold.In the last three years, PWA has embarked on a community campaign to raise enough funds to purchase the community centre it rented from Slough Borough Council for over 15 years. This secured a permanent home and delivered on savings in rental costs.
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Nadra Services

We provide vast range of Nadra Services at our Center on a regular basis here is the list of services we provide :

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Our Funders

We can’t be thankful enough. Your donations and heartfelt giving have been the driving force to keep this centre aflot.

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