Pakistan Welfare Association Slough

PWA Slough featured on ‘Pardes se Des Tak’, 92 TV

In a wide-ranging town hall style debate, issues affecting Pakistani migrants in the UK were discussed on a special edition of the topical programme, for 92 News, a Pakistan-based Urdu news channel.

Is PIA (Pakistan Airlines) charging too much money for expats to go back to Pakistan, conversely affecting their children who are missing a chance at exploring their roots? Is the Pakistani ID card (Nadra card) too expensive, at 100 pounds for a card valid for ten years? Should there be more help for overseas citizens who have homes in Pakistan, and who cannot directly deal with the administration?

Held in Slough, presenter Shazia Zeeshan invited guests including Ishrat Shah, the first female Muslim mayor of Slough and Zainab Khan, director of the Fostering Agency.


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