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Hello all,

Just sharing some pictures of the lunch on 9th March at Pakistan Welfare Association Slough.

Maa sha allah, the lunch group is growing in size every week. Lunch is supplied to elderly ladies and gents every Wednesday after Zuhar Salah (although the ladies’ group is not pictured here). Tea is also served after lunch.

I am grateful to all those who attend regularly and share their views and discuss local and other issues. Anyone is welcome. We all have a great time and enjoy gup shup (our discussions). We also do a free health check up every Wednesday for anyone who needs it.

I am proud to say that our online Nadra card service is becoming very popular, and we have helped many hundreds of local Pakistani community members, and lots of surrounding areas are also benefiting from this service. We have people coming from High Wycombe, Reading, Chingford, Windsor etc.

If all the documents are correct your card is delivered at your doorstep within 10 to 14 days. Do not delay in ringing us and booking an appointment at the PWA office. The telephone number is 01753821003 (after 12pm).

Please note yoga classes are starting soon. Lots of activities are on the pipeline. If you have questions about any issues and would like to discuss, you can contact me directly on my mobile no 07989171329.

We also need volunteers to help us to run the centre successfully, if you could give a few hours of your time and put a smile on people’s faces.

Please note we are getting lots of enquiries regarding marriage bureau services. If anyone is interested to help run this service please do come forward.

Jazaak allah,

Mohammed Shabbir Raja
Pakistan Welfare Association
50 Darvills Lane
Chalvey Slough.

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